About us

Philosophy of RealData Partner Group is built on absolute openness to clients. Real estate market has benefited from information asymmetry - the candidates on the property did not have enough information to allow it to assess the profitability or inconvenience of property. 


RealData Partner provides its partners and clients the latest information from the real estate market and made available to select economically advantageous properties. 
RealData Partner oversees the quality and professionalism of sold real estate and development projects. When selling we care that the plethora of advertising and unprofessional practices in the sale is not damaging the value of the property. This measure benefits the entire group RealData Partner's partners and clients. 

Our goal - to improve investment and minimizing potential risks - achieved through innovative investment practices, a structured investment decisions and sophisticated financial risk management. Skills, experience and focus on the needs of partners and clients are key to our success and satisfaction. Long-term partnership between the company and its clients based on mutual trust built on tangible results, and flawless service. 

Our experience in real estate 
We believe that with our experience and expertise we are able to provide professional services of the highest quality, exceed the expectations of our clients and help them successfully realize their investment. Our solutions are offered aimed at common problems and issues associated with investments in real estate. 
Our solutions are offered aimed at common problems and issues associated with investments in real estate, 
These include: 
• ROI analysis and its possible variations using statistical methods 
• analysis of tax risks and tax planning 
• Analysis of legal risks 
• management of risks arising from complex legislation, local traditions and regulatory environment 
• reduce taxes on real estate investment through tax planning and assistance in ensuring compliance with relevant requirements 
• raising funds to increase the overall profitability of your investment 
• implementation review (Independent Business Review) to provide independent lenders look at your strategy, cash flow and business and project risks 
• Analysis of your expenses and, if necessary, help them reduce 
• determining the most advantageous time to sell investments and achieve maximum return on investment
• Support the administrative aspects of project management, reduce administrative burden of your own staff and ensure smooth and effective communication and implementation. 

The scope of these services where necessary, be extended in collaboration with recognized consultants in the property sector, in order to assess the feasibility of the project. Attention is paid to attractive from the perspective of potential clients, plans to build a market position, sales and customer service is also included assistance in improving those plans in order to increase the likelihood of success. 

Our services in real estate 
RealData Partner Company has formed a team consisting of experts in real estate who are ready to provide both domestic and foreign investors with expertise in relation to all matters related to real estate. Our intention is to allow investors to maximize the funds invested, while minimizing the risks arising from real estate investments in the region. 
Using the expertise of a wide range of specialists, we review the problems associated with the construction, ownership, rental and sale of assets, and provide comprehensive services to many different real estate companies and property users. 
RealData Partner Company provides services in the real estate industry in a wide range of public and private sectors. 
Partner companies RealData professionals combines corporate culture based on collaboration that fosters integrity and create significant value for the market and clients, mutual devotion.