We focus on real estate and development projects. Our main competitive advantage is the ability to quickly assess the proposed project. Thanks to comprehensive market knowledge and client's situation at the same time we adequately secure the potential risks.It speeds the entire process - from assessing the provision of funds - are our greatest added value. 

The popularity of property investment 
Against the background of economic uncertainty, volatility in stock markets, corporate scandals and geopolitical threats to the property has become a popular destination for investors. Real estate professionals involved in the initial public offering, complex tax structures, financing options, architectural agreements on common equity of a limited partnership, ensuring the alternatives of interest, business acquisitions and disposals, property valuation and local tax issues. 
Investment in property has long been one of the Czech Republic to popular type of investment.Investment property before 1989, the only alternative, nowhere else to save money rather than holding a book. For many people, an investment property, a tempting opportunity to multiply their money today. A simple equation conveniently buy and sell real estate profitably in itself also contains many unknowns. 
Investment property to an investor purchases real estate on which they can "touch" as opposed to shares or government bonds. 
Investing in property can also take the form of purchase of shares in real estate funds or shares of real estate companies. In this case, but it is a financial investment rather than investment in real estate.